Sunday, September 02, 2007

Parrot's eye view

I'm going on hols for a while to a land far, far away.

Yes, I believe they have parrots in this magical place. So there'll be plenty of snaps of exotic parrots on my return.

The country I'm visiting is not specifically known for its parrots, more for its cockerels. Like this one-eyed supporter in the picture, I'll be flying the green and gold of Australia at the Rugby World Cup, which starts later this week.

Can you guess the name of the tres sportif land I'll be visiting, so far, far across the sea?

Oh, what the hell, it's France.

Until my return, au revoir to yar and yar and yar.

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The clouds are here, they are not in the sky.

I love how junior pink and grey's feathers look like clouds.

It's about as close to the clouds as he'll get for a while, because he's still ridiculously shaky in flight.

Got a good set of lungs on him when he's hungy, though.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Flapping the gums

"Na, just up for a chat is all."

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Clipped Wingwood

"Yeah, I'm talking' to you ... Feelin' lucky, punk?"


Parrot De Niro's squawking, squawking Italian.

"You talkin' to me? ... You talkin' to me?"

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Walking with parrot saurs

... but, hey, as long as he's having fun, who am I to cast aspersions on his intelligence?

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Parrot high on grass

... this thing, on the other hand, is only marginally brighter ...

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Action shot

This is about as animated as the plump things get when they're grazing.

Hazel and I reckon baby galahs look like vampire bats. And, indeed, they are rather batty. Hence our bastardisation of the Peter Tosh song:

You really don't know what to do.
You a Vampire!
But how could anyone expect you to?"