Friday, August 31, 2007

Parrot parity?

As much as I love the whimsically-named pink and grey, I can't work out if it's as cute as the equally imaginatively-named 28.

I'll sit on the fence and let you decide.

Comments are good.

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Pink sky in the morning, a farmer's warning

Stopping off to snap a few 28ers yesterday, I strayed upon this little number, the first baby galah of the parrot season. Grazing happily he was, alongside his equally ravenous mother.

Proving, of course, that the seed never falls far from the tree.

Galahs are more frequently called 'pink and greys' in Western Australia. The poor things were probably so named because a pink and grey mist is all a farmer sees when he shoots 'em with his 22.

It's a poetic, romantic, place, this Western Australia.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life's great when you're 28, mate.

This is my favourite 28 shot of the day. By gosh, they love a grass seed.

It's hard to get them to face you when you're snapping them though. A more camera shy parrot there aint.

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Tippy-toe! Tippy-toe! Wild parrots put on Kings Park show.

It's been a while since a Western Ringneck featured on Wild Parrots, so here's a couple in the foreground, snapped by me this arvy in Kings Park.

That's a baby galah in the background, happily grazing away under the negligent eye of his mum, but more on baby galah later.

Back to the ringnecker, which Western Australians know better as a '28', because that's the sound its rolling chirp makes. Either that, or 'tippy toe!', as George Costanza would say.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anthropocentric but cute

"Yeah, bring it on!"


Galah event

It's coming into wildflower season in southern Western Australia. And on this blog, that can only mean one thing.

It's wild parrot season too!

While there's not a wildflower to be seen in this shot, and this iddie snapped this morning is a somewhat docile specimen, his dead tree in Perth's King's Park later in the wild parrot season springs forth with all manner of beaked screechers.

Bring it on!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cattus Cattus

... opening up an unlikely opportunity for a colourful carnivore.


Sleepy Jackson

Like me, they're not at their brightest after a feed ...


After the rain comes a ...

It's been quite a while. So long, indeed, I forgot how to do a post.

But then again, it hasn't exactly been parrot season.

Better weather for ducks, actually.

First day after Perth's elongated wet spell, my backyard bottlebrush bloomed in all its glory this morning, which in turn attracted some more colour of the herbivourous variety.