Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Honorary parrot

"You're dethpicable!*"

*photographed in Avignon, the home of Duck a'Lorange



At Wednesday, October 31, 2007, Blogger Shari said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for visiting my birdwatchinbuzz blog. Love your wildparrot blog and its great to "meet" another parrot person. I was able to visit Australia (Sydney area and Gold Beach) a few years back. Loved it and was mezmerized by your wild cockatoos and, of course, the Lorikeets, Australian King Parrots and other species. Even saw two Superb Lyre birds! Didn't get to see enough of your wonderful country and its fauna ... would love to revisit ... perhaps, someday.

Actually, I have two blogs ... the one you discovered is new, about parrots and was created to tie-in to my http://birdcageportal.com website which helps people provide a good life for the birds they keep as pets. Basically it mostly offers supplies, but the original plan (still in development) is to offer good basic bird care info, too. My other blog is called Birdwatchin' Buzz (http://www.birdwatchinbuzz.blogspot.com, which you discovered) and revolves around my interest in bird watching and backyard bird feeding. Neither blogs are receiving the attention from me they deserve, mostly because of lack of time recently. That will change as soon as possible. However, I'm in the process of writing a new entry for the petbirdbuzz blog about our recent evacuation (with 13 pet parrots in tow) due to the horrific California wildfires that devastated our county about a week ago. While I was in Sydney we visited the Sydney Zoo and could look back across the bay to see a ring of wildfires surrounding Sydney at the time of our visit. I know that Australia has the same challenges regarding drought, fire, etc. as we do here in Southern California but on a tremendously huge scale. Our scale is bad enough, I can't imagine what Australia has had to deal with.

As you've discovered I'm definitely a "parrot person" or "bird person", as I love birds of all kinds. While at earlier times in my life I've had many passionate interests at this time I only have 3 ... and those are: parrots, birds, and more parrots. So I'm not a versatile as I once was, lol. But, truthfully, I'm so involved with everything related to birds that I don't have time for much else. I suppose the only other passionate love I can attest to which has been a lifetime devotion is to animals in general ... and I also enjoy all kinds of flora with the major focus of just fussing with the plants in my yard.

I'd be very happy to exchange links with you and will add your parrot blog link to my various sites, as follows:

http://birdwatchin.com (resouce page)
http://birdcageportal.com (resource page)

I'll add your link as soon as possible. Currently, I'm still trying to get resettled and do a lot of catch up work after arriving back home after the fires.

Hope all is well in your part of the world,
Shari Carpenter
Fallbrook, CA
Email: shari@birdcageportal.com


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