Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kakapo joy juice

On a marginally more upbeat note, this ground-dwelling parrot of New Zealand is not yet extinct.

Well, this particular one, housed in London's natural history museum is ever-so-slightly extinct. However, its species lingers on. Barely.

Due to the introduction of beasties like cats, rats, stoats and foxes to the land of the long white cloud, the poor ol' kakapo (as the world's only flightless parrot is known) is now isolated to a couple of monitored islands off the NZ mainland, and is in grave peril.

Other claims to fame for the kakapo (Maori for 'night parrot') is that it's the world's heaviest parrot, it's probably the world's longest lived bird, and there are only about 60 left on the planet.

The remaining parrots have been relocated to predator-free islands, where the birds have been breeding!

Hang tough, kakapo. Hang tough!

And breed, breed like there's no tomorrow!



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